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We are currently accepting reservations for puppies that will be going home in mid January and early February.

Looking for a puppy for Christmas? We will gladly hold a surprise SKYPE, Facetime, or Periscope broadcast just for your family on Christmas eve. or Christmas day. This is a great way to surprise your family and get them excited and ready for the puppy as well as removing the stress and danger of puppy care during the holidays.

We can deliver almost anywhere in the US for a reasonable fee. The pups do not ever get shipped, they fly onboard the plane with me. Ask about delivery options, but please list several airports you are willing to meet me at. (See contact information below, after an initial message via email or text I will send you a phone number to call.) And, you are always welcome to pick up here and encouraged to visit your puppy when he/she is small.

If you are exploring breeders, please ask to see the pedigree of the parents. Several breeders tote "champion lineage," when, in fact, the parents were purchased from a puppy mill. Which, often times translates to mixes. AKC papers mean little with this breed. The AKC was so anxious to accept Cotons to their ranks, they accepted puppy-mill dogs with minimal verification of authenticity. Ask to see the pedigree of your potential puppy and research the kennel names in the pedigree and go back at least three generations! All of our lines are from excellent sources. We have never bought cheap dogs in our foundation lines to save money. Nor, do we broker dogs from other sources. None of our lines have puppy mill origins, but come from the best breeders. Many of our current girls are puppies we bred ourselves then retired their daddy. So, there is never a risk of in-breeding. Nor, do we own any other dogs but Cotons de Tulear (Our Great Pyr. passed away in 2014.)

For some more help on how to purchase a "real" Coton de Tulear visit: click here. And, remember, if something is sold below market price, be it a car or, a Coton de Tulear, there is a reason for the price reduction. I frequently get these "cheaper" dogs placed with me as rescues when they have health and behavioral issues.


Contact information:

Email: Click Here c

Apple TEXT: cory@carolinacotons.com

Note: Good breeders are few and far between and I would be happy to help you find a legitimate Coton puppy if we do not have one available. I realize it is often times difficult to tell a good breeder from someone who is a mill in disguise or, brokering pups for a mill. Just keep in mind when price shopping that whether it is a car, or a puppy, there is a good reason why something is for sale below market price. I have been breeding for nearly a decade and you will not find a single contrary remark when searching for my name, Cory Williams, or my business name, Carolina Cotons. Come see us and visit all of our dogs in person.
Soph/Oliver Pups three weeks

To see our puppies on YouTube, click here.
Our first tri-colored litter photos! Click here. 
Please see the Links page and then "references" for more puppy photos and letters.
13 day old Bo and Bebe pups

Thirteen Day Old Carolina Coton Pups


Show and Pet Quality

Puppies are either sold as show quality, or pet quality. The difference being that a show-quality puppy is allowed to be used for breeding at a later date, if they remain show quality. A pet-quality puppy comes with a spay or neuter contract. Prices vary depending on the type of puppy you desire. Show quality dogs cost more. This is very typical for Cotons as well as many other breeds.


When you decide to purchase a Carolina Coton puppy, you will be put on our waiting list. You will be required to send a $300.00 deposit before the pups are born, or a $500 deposit once the puppies are born. We will mail you a contract to review before you pick up your puppy. Your deposit is non-refundable, except in the event that we can not give you a puppy in a reasonable time, or that we do not have your desired sex or type of puppy. The contract covers the important details of your purchase, such as health guarantees, return policy, vaccination schedule, etc. While you are waiting on your puppy, I will work with you to find out what sort of personality traits you seek in your puppy.


Puppies will be evaluated at eight-weeks of age to determine their breedable status, and ascertain their personalities for placement in their forever homes. This is done to fit your puppy to your particular lifestyle. They also receive a full physical at eight weeks, and their first set of shots. Puppies do not go to their homes until they are at least nine-weeks old.

Delivery Options

We do not ship puppies but, I will hand deliver for a small fee or, since we live reasonably close to four major airports you can chose your own flight and I will meet you at the airport. Sometimes I meet buyers half way, or further if I am visiting relatives and if there are several pups going the same direction. Just ask!

Reputable Breeders

Cotons are expensive, and you may be tempted to bargain hunt. This is usually not a good idea. Many of the cut-price breeders sell inferior dogs from questionable origins. They may not even be Cotons. In a lot of recent cases, the "cheaper" dogs have been found to have fake pedigrees, and origins in puppy mills. When you buy a Carolina Coton it comes with a health guarantee, and our litters are either registered with the AKC's Foundation Stock Service, the UKC, or the national Coton breed club, the USACTC. (See the About Cotons page under the breed club section.) Once I receive a spay/neuter certificate from your vet, you will receive papers that you can submit to receive a certified pedigree for your dog guaranteeing that he or she is a true Coton de Tulear. Our adult Cotons are certified through DNA testing. In addition, our dogs are tested yearly to ensure that they are healthy and free of any defects they might pass to their offspring. We are also a Code of Ethics Breeder for the USACTC and as such, adhere to strict guidelines. Guaranteeing your puppy's health is an expensive process, and some of those expenses are passed on to our customers, but you can rest assured that your Coton is from healthy, well-adjusted parents and is a true Coton, not a knock-off import with origins in a puppy mill. Please educate yourself if you are not familiar with what a puppy mill is click here.

Bebe and Brienne Kendra, Brie, and Puppy Katy resting
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