Today as my family celebrates Mikey’s first birthday I contemplate and treasure the gift that it has been to raise such a capable, healthy, and well-prepared pup. It is a great honor to continue to have such a close relationship with you and to know that you still care so very much about my darling Mikey won’t go on endlessly about how amazing Mikey is because words simply can’t describe a personality so big and a mind so keen. But, I do want to mention one particular item that makes your puppies far superior to others…. POTTY TRAINING! Your puppies are conditioned to eliminate on a pad away from their bedding long before they leave your home, which I personally witnessed on multiple visits to your home. Regardless of where an owner wants their pup to ultimately eliminate (pad or outside), the important point here is that your puppies at just 8 weeks of age have already learned that the presence of waste on their bodies will not be tolerated by the pack and hence they have an ingrained desire to eliminate far away from their den. Hence, you send home pups that are strongly conditioned to not eliminate in their crates or on their bedding! Aside from this very important point, I will mention that I have seen firsthand that your puppies are handled in a multitude of ways so that they are accustomed to the sometimes unpleasant realities of life. The pups in your home are given the right amount of free reign in which to encourage independent thinking and create the courage that a pup needs to leave the comforts of its litter and enter into a foreign human world. The pups are handled by small toddler fingers, adults of all sizes, vets, and corrected by the elder dogs that share the home. I am not afraid to make the bold statement that Mikey’s canine instincts are as keen as any terrier or working class dog I have worked with. This is not a common characteristic of today’s small, for lack of a better word, “lap dog”. Mikey is, in my estimation, a perfect living example of the temperament characteristics that even the royal families of 16th century Madagascar would have expected of the Coton de Tulear. This is in no way coincidence but rather a result of your unifying clean and disciplined breeding practices with the equally as critical responsibility of nurturing an environment which encourages your pack to act and live as a Coton should. It is my belief that Mikey, and all of your pups, learn as soon as they can see, smell, and hear from the elder Cotons in your home which demonstrate the quintessential behavior of the loving, playful, social, stable, and very vibrant Coton de Tulear. I would be very pleased to serve as a stellar reference for you at any time so please feel free to share my contact information at your discretion. In closing, I once again commend you for your good work and dedication that has brought so much to my family and the homes of so many others. Sincerely, Tiffany Parent “Mikey’s human”